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The "Maine" Way To Chat

There's more happening in Maine than another setting for a Stephen King novel, and you want to find it. You are itching to find that special someone, or just a little fun — or anything in between — and want to find the right way to reach out. The Maine Chat Lines, through, is your best bet.

From Portland to Bangor to Augusta and the many towns and villages, people in Maine have found great connections through these chat lines. It doesn't matter your background or preference: straight or gay, male or female, lesbian or bisexual. makes it easy, fun, and affordable to talk to people all across Maine.

You can avoid all of the needless prompts asking for more information, while you wait endlessly to make a connection. When you visit, you can find a number for Maine. You will then get a private access code that you will use when dialing the number. That's all it takes to meet great people through the Maine Chat Lines. You can drop the awkward interactions at the bar, or sorting through Internet chat rooms, thanks to and your personal chat line for all things Maine.

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